Career Search Engines: 3 Hot Career Sites to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Career search engines have taken job hunting to a whole new level. Back in the day, job hopefuls had to make a personal appearance just to submit their resume. They had to look at the classified ads section of the paper to find out which companies had an opening or what kinds of jobs were available. Even then, not everything was listed.

When the Internet technology boomed, career search engines were set up to make life easier for both the applicants and their potential employers. It’s the perfect set up for both parties, especially now that there are millions of fresh graduates and job seekers looking for a job every year. Still don’t have much faith in career search engines? Well, you’ll soon have a change of heart after you read this article.

Build it and they will come. certainly knew and used this adage well. This particular career search engine is one of the first to set up such a business back in 1995 and has served as a good basis for other career search engines all over the world.

Registering here is easy and hassle free. And since has been around for a while, there is more game there. Aside from providing companies with applicants and vice-versa, has also expanded their services to a more applicant-friendly level.

There are useful articles on employment and career building, a comprehensive salary calculator, job description, and even career quizzes for the curious.

Contrary to the name, registering at isn’t a terrifying experience. Unlike most career search engines, this particular Web site has a friendlier and more sophisticated layout. There aren’t a dizzying number of links to distract you from your ultimate goal of finding a job that matches your skills.

At the moment, they have a trial service called Career Mapping which allows applicants to sort out where they want their careers to go. definitely isn’t interested in a one shot deal. Their services prove that they’re there for you in the long run.

Yahoo! HotJobs

Another well recommended career search engine is Yahoo! HotJobs. Being a world-renowned company does have its perks!

Aside from the usual services and links offered by similar career sites, Yahoo! HotJobs makes the list because of the site’s Question and Answer section. The Web site has made good use of its Yahoo! Answers technology which allows users from different parts of the world to respond to a particular question or to post one of their own. As a registered user or even just as a lurker, you get to hear what real people have to say about real situations.

Career search engines have taken over the job hunting industry. Sure, classified ads still have some importance, but everything is high tech now. Companies also want the convenience of having a resume automatically sent to their email and having a good pick over millions of online applicants. Let’s face it. If you want to get a good job, you have to think forward. And that’s what career search engines are here for.

Career Testing – Guidelines For Taking Career Tests

Career testing has become a very popular way of “discovering ourselves” and our abilities. However, many people tend to accept their test results as the absolute gospel truth about themselves and their occupations.

This in a way can be a very dangerous assumption and especially for individuals who are desperately seeking some direction in life.

My advice to this is that, even though it may be what you want to hear, you need to be somewhat cautious of your test results.

The truth is, that no matter how glorified and 99.99 percent certified, these tests can be somewhat abstract and generalized. It doesn’t matter how good a test is or how good the developer says it is, career tests, career quizzes, and personality tests are not always the absolute gospel truth.

So here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when taking a career or personality test.

1) No test is 100% accurate. Independent studies have proven that even the most glorified tests can be as much as 25 percent inaccurate.

2) Test results can vary. Yes, even the results from the same test taken by the same person at different times can change. Your mood and frame of mind can influence your test results from day to day and even just one different answer can mean completely different results. It’s so important to give questions a lot of thought and be totally honest with your answers.

3) Take more than one test. Since no test is completely accurate and results can vary, it is so important to take more than one test. In this way you can compare results to get an accurate assessment of matching results. You’ll be able to eliminate mistakes by averaging matching results.

4) Not the end result. Always remember that career testing is only the beginning of your career planning process. It’s not the end result. You simply now have something to work with.

5) Be true to yourself. Give your results some serious thought. Do some deep soul searching and trust your intuition. You’ll know if the results are totally wrong for you. If you’re reading one thing and it doesn’t feel right, don’t go running off in the wrong direction just because the test results “said so”. If you still don’t get it, you may need to seek additional advice from a career coach or career counselor. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. And I honestly recommend that you do so.

I hope this helps.

Why a Nursing Career is the Most Highly Rewarding Career You Can Choose

Nursing careers provide a richly rewarding career option. If you enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives, then nursing is a wonderful career choice for you. The life of a nurse is that of selflessness and giving. Each and everyday you will come across people in need; sick, injured, or elderly. As a nurse you must be personable and friendly as well as caring and supportive. Nursing careers go beyond just knowing the technical side of nursing; it involves you being a friend and guide to your patients.

Nurses conduct some or all of the following tasks on the job:

- Assess and gather patient information

- Diagnose patient problems and needs

- Implement nursing plans

- Provide emotional and physical support to patients

- Evaluate patient progress and results

- Communicate with the patient’s family members

These are just a few of the tasks that nurses do at work. Of course your tasks will totally depend on where you gain employment. Not all nurses work in hospitals. There are also options to work in schools, nursing homes and other locations.

You can also choose to specialize in particular nursing departments. These can include child birth, palliative care, children’s wards, counseling and more. As you study to become a nurse you will be exposed to options on each career path which will make your decision easier. However the best way to choose a career is to undergo work experience in a hospital or other medical facility. Here you become exposed to all the different specialties so that you can make a wise choice based on your area of interest.

Nurses often work very long hours involving shift work so you must be prepared for this and take it into consideration before embarking on this richly rewarding career path. Although nurses get paid a fairly high salary, nursing is not a career that people choose for money; it is usually chosen due to a passion to turn people’s lives around.

Whether you are helping to deliver babies, helping injured people or assisting the ill, nursing careers are highly satisfying and rewarding. No other career offers the opportunity to make such a profound difference upon the lives of people who truly need and appreciate it.

Nursing Salaries

Nursing salaries are often at the center of controversy, with most people believing that they are not high enough. Thankfully improvements are being made to increase nursing salaries which is good news for you if you are considering going into this industry.

Nursing salaries are on the rise, with 2004 seeing a 14% increase in nursing salaries. The average is said to be around the $64,000 mark with 11% of nurses in 2004 earning $75,000 or higher.

Nursing salaries for graduates differ widely between locations but the average is around $40,000 for an entry-level nurse.

The areas with the most nursing jobs available are those in large, major cities. These include Chicago, New York and Los Angeles amongst others. You can also expect higher nursing salaries in bigger cities as well as better employment benefits. Nonetheless it can be very beneficial and rewarding to be a nurse in a rural area. Sometimes you may be the only nurse on staff so you provide an exceptional service to the local community. Often nurses in very small towns achieve almost celebrity like status!

Nurses in larger cities may get paid more but their jobs are often much more stressful. There are a much larger number of patients and a variety of cases that come in. This can lead to very long hours.

Nursing salaries are heavily affected by a number of factors. Because nurses tend to work a lot of overtime their salary can rise significantly on a week per week basis. Night shifts usually pay more than day shifts, sometimes $5 or more extra per hour. Most hospitals impose 12 hour shifts on nurses so night shift workers generally start at around 7.30 pm and finish at 7.30 am. The benefit is a four day weekend and a 36 hour week which is still considered full time.

Nurses can work in a particular ward of the hospital such as the maternity ward, intensive care unit, and children’s ward, among others. Nursing salaries generally do not depend upon which ward a nurse is placed in.

Nursing salaries are on the rise and provide a good standard of living for nurses who are one of the most important groups of people in our society. If you are seeking a highly rewarding career in the medical field, then working as a nurse is something for you to consider.